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Carrier Appointment Process
Carrier Appointment Process

Another advantage of working with GPAgency!!  

We understand that your time is money! We want to keep the carrier appointment process as streamlined as possible, especially since we work with nearly 50 carriers. If you have never received an appointment through us, please complete our New Producer Appointment Packet, click HERE.

Through years of refinement, we have developed a form that addresses 99% of the information requested by our carriers for an appointment. If you need a new appointment, we simply refer back to this form to complete new appointment requests. For this reason, please keep us posted of any changes.

When you have completed this paperwork, please mail/deliver it to GPAgency, or email it to: If you have any questions about the appointment process, please contact Christine for assistance, call: 919-834-7937 or 800-283-8376.

We have found this to be the most efficient way of processing appointments. You will complete this paperwork once and, thereafter, it will be used as the basis for future appointments.

Efficient Forms

If you prefer, you also have the option of using the online service Efficient Forms. If you decide to go this route, we recommend that you make your username and password the same as your GPAgency website log-in. Based on the feedback of other agents, you may find this route more involved than just completing the New Producer Appointment Packet. For Efficient Forms, Please click HERE.

Pre-Appointment States

Be sure to check the appointment requirements before taking an application with a new carrier or if you are contracted with a carrier but taking an application in another state. Each carrier has different states they consider to be “pre-appointment” and this list is constantly changing, so it’s always good to check with our licensing specialist, Christine Barbour, before your client meeting. Click HERE for more information.

Applications received that are signed prior to the appointment effective date in these states will not be accepted and will be returned.

Concurrent Submission States

These states do not require a financial professional to be appointed prior to submitting the first contract application to the issuing company.

A majority of our carriers follow “just-in-time” appointment procedures. This means, an appointment cannot be processed unless you submit new business for that carrier. However, in Pennsylvania and Montana, appointments have to be pre-approved prior to submitting business.