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We want to convert your opportunities to sales as quickly as possible! We will work with you from quote through policy issue, as well as provide policy service support if needed. Our carrier relationships and industry expertise to view cases from multiple perspectives enables us to efficiently deliver quality solutions.

iGO! Term/UL Quote              Fast, accurate, easy quotes; includes e-apps with straight submission through carrier
Term/UL Quote (VitalQuote)   Industry’s leading Term and Guaranteed UL comparison and quoting system
Life Options (WinFlex)             Generates the necessary compliant illustrations for Term & UL quotes
Informal Quote Request          Provide detailed health info so we can “shop” your case: marketing@gpagency.com

Not all our carriers subscribe to these quoting tools. Contact our sales staff if you need assistance obtaining a quote with a specific carrier not featured: (919) 834- 7937 or complete an Informal Quote Request.

Informal Quote Request
When you submit our TimeSaver Application (informal quote request), we can identify potential solutions for your impaired-risk clients. We research multiple carriers and determine which are more likely to underwrite your clients and provide a competitive offer.

IMPORTANT: When requesting a quote, please have your client’s Date of Birth, not just his/her age. The DOB is key to getting an accurate quote. Most insurance carriers determine rates based on the age nearest to birthday.

Boston Mutual’s Quote Tool
(Not on iGO)

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Submit Your Applications Electronically!


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Fill out your client applications faster!
Simplify and accelerate the application process.
Experience easy-to-use, intelligent wizard screens!
Utilize e-Signature and e-Submit features.

Use our Preliminary App to prepare for your iGo App.
Prelim Life App (fillable)

Legal & General’s E-App
(Not on iGO)

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