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Imperial Training Services CE Program


    Please select your classes below. The first option allows you to select all 6 classes. If you plan to take individual classes, locate the class and select the city where you plan to attend. Once you make your selections, click Submit to finalize your registration. You will be directed to the PayPal site. If you don't have a PayPal account, that is fine. You can select Pay with Debit or Credit Card button.

    The Three-Day Program includes the following courses: Mandatory Ethics (Day 1, morning, 4 CEs); LTC Partnership (Day 1, afternoon, 4 CEs); Personal Needs Analysis (Day 2, morning, 4 CEs); Understanding Fixed Indexed Annuities (Day 2, afternoon, 4 CEs); Business Basics (Day 3, morning, 6 CEs); Disability Income, The Forgotten Coverage (Day 3, afternoon, 2 CEs)


    IF YOU WANT TO TAKE SPECIFIC CLASSES, PLEASE USE THIS OPTION. For each class of interest, please SELECT THE CITY where you plan to attend.

  • Course Description: The role of Ethics – Success via professionalism; Consumer protection within our industry; State regulation of insurance; Regulating insurance trade practices; Ethical decision making – Doing the right thing
  • IMPORTANT: Cliff taught this course in 2018. Course Description: Defining Long-Term Care; LTC risks, statistics & consumer denial; Policy provisions & benefits, Tax Qualified vs. Non-Tax Qualified; Benefit periods, inflation, optional benefits, exclusions History, consumer protection, underwriting, suitability & claims; Alternative financing options; LTC needs & objectives; NC partnership, OMBRA, DRA, benefits, features
  • Course Description: Needs analysis; Need for cash; Need for income; Income periods; Other needs; Setting the stage/process; Forms needed; Meeting the need; Presenting the solution
  • Course Description: Introduction & review; Indexing; Sample application; Annuity suitability; Features, benefits & performance; Annuity crediting; Typical lifetime income; Replacement; Buyer’s guide; Sample single premium opportunities
  • Course Description: Introduction; Types of businesses; The Big Problem; Sole proprietorships; Partnerships; Closely-held corporations; Financial statements; Key employee; Split-dollar concepts
  • Course Description: Risks & the ability to work; Meeting the cost of disability; Providing disability income; Gathering the facts; Types of disability policies; Disability income in the business market
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    To finalize advance registration, click Submit to pay. You will be directed to the PayPal site. If you don't have a PayPal account, that is fine. You can select Pay with Debit or Credit Card button. Please note: All purchases are final; no refunds.
    Onsite registration/payment will be accepted; however, there is a $10 per day surcharge for this convenience.
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