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Continuing Education & Prelicensing

Each licensee in North Carolina must take 24 hours of continuing education, three (3) of which must be in Ethics, by his or her biennial CE compliance date (based on licensee’s month and either an odd or even year of birth). The North Carolina Department of Insurance allows excess credit hours to be carried over to the next biennial term. A course may NOT be taken for credit more than once within the two-year license term.All of the hours must be completed and reported prior to your license renewal date to avoid a lapse in your license. 

Check our home page regularly for a list of upcoming programs, which often includes CE classes.

Need your CE Transcript?
www.Sircon.com, click HERE.
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Check with your state’s Department of Insurance.
For NC, click HERE. Note: Regardless of asterisks, you only need to enter first and last names to retrieve your NPN.
CE Training
Below is a sampling of CE & Prelicensing Training providers:
Need Information on Pre-licensing?
Click HERE for NC DOI Candidate packet.

NCDOI’s Approved Prelicensing Classroom Programs, click HERE.

NCDOI’s Approved Correspondence & Internet Prelicensing Programs, click HERE.

NC agents, click on NC’s Insurance CE Licensee Handbook for more information on CE.

CE Exemptions for North Carolina

As of October 1, 2010, CE exemptions are only issued for military or medical reasons.

CE exemptions based on age (65 years or older), years of continuous licensure (at least 25 years), and professional designation or inactive agent status are NO longer issued. Anyone issued this exemption prior to October 1, 2010, will continue to be exempt from the 24-hour requirement and the mandatory hours in ethics and flood (if applicable).

A number of agents contacted the Agent Services Division and voiced concern that they had never been notified that the Department had eliminated the exemption for AGE. As a result, agents who qualified for the AGE exemption on or before December 31, 2011, were allowed to apply and obtain the exemption.

How can I request a CE exemption (or waiver) for medical or military reasons?

Complete the “Request for Military or Medical Waiver” form found at https://www.prometric.com/en-us/clients/ce/Pages/ncceprod.aspx. Submit the completed form to Prometric with the proper documentation. If you are approved for a medical or military exemption, you are not required to take the mandatory ethics and flood hours. You will receive written confirmation from Prometric advising if the exemption has been granted or denied.

LTC Partnership Training

Every day we receive applications from agents who are out of compliance with their LTC partnership training.

  • Anyone who sells, solicits, or negotiates Long-Term Care Partnership policies must complete an initial 8-hour LTC Partnership CE course, and then a 4-hour LTC Partnership Review CE every 2 years thereafter.
  • The requirement for Partnership CE is different from general CE. It does not coordinate with your birthday, rather, once you complete your initial 8 hours, you must complete a 4-hour review within the next 2 years to remain current.
  • For example, if you completed your initial 8-hour LTC Partnership on August 11, 2017, you will need to complete your 4-hour LTC Partnership review by August 11, 2019, to remain compliant.