Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing
(919) 834-7937 / (800) 283-8376 (TERM) or the phone number listed under an individual’s name



Email Address

Angela Mcilvain, CLTC
Partner, Brokerage Sales

Annuity, Life Quotes & Consultation

Brook Carrigan
Brokerage Representative

Disability Quotes

Carie Elmore
Brokerage Representative

Broker Onboarding

Chris Carrigan, CLTC
Partner, Brokerage Sales

Disability Consultation

Jeff Arsenault
Sales Consultant

Annuity, Disability, Group Benefits Quotes & Consultation

Julia Sheppard, CLTC
Sr. Brokerage Manager
(336) 340-1858

Disability, Life Quotes

Lyman Kiser
Sales Manager

Annuity, Disability, Life Quotes & Consultation

Marshall Clement, CLTC, LTCP
Dir. of LTC Planning Solutions
(336) 339-0593

Long-Term Care Quotes & Consultation

Melinda Barber, MBA, FLMI
Marketing Director

Agent Programs/Events, Marketing Collateral, Website/Digital Media

Michael Huffman, MBA
National Sales Representative

Broker Onboarding, Life Quotes
& Consultation

Mike Lindley, LUTCF, Reg. Rep.
Director of Sales

Market Development, Broker Onboarding,

Life, Annuity Quotes & Consultation

Teresa Smith, ACS, CLTC
Sr. Brokerage Manager

Life, Long-Term Care Quotes & Consultation

Sharon Allan, RHU, CLTC
Wealth Preservation &
Asset Distribution Specialist
(704) 968-7624

Life, Linked & Hybrid Life/Long-Term Care, Long-Term Care (individual & group) Quotes & Consultation

New Business

Michelle Carliles36New Business Case Manager/LTCi Support
Tanya Wilson16Director of New
Yvette Wall23New Business Case Manager,
Informal & Trial App U/W Specialist

Licensing/Contracting, Commissions, Administration

Name Ext.TitleSpecialtyEmail
Christine Barbour15Licensing/Contracting SpecialistContracting/
Lindsey Jenkins28Administrative AssistantContact/Address
Home Office — Raleigh, NC

General Inquiries

3820 Merton Dr., Suite 100 (27609)
P.O. Box 20729, Raleigh, NC 27619
Office: 919.834.7937
Toll-Free:  800.283.TERM (8376)   
Fax:  877.821.7191