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Advanced Markets & Business Insurance Resources

We understand that each case is unique and that you may need a creative solution to address complex situations. We’re here to help guide you through the maze of financial, legal, tax and estate planning concepts. We will help you analyze your client’s financial position, assess their objectives, and offer the best possible solutions.


  • Owners of small to medium-sized businesses with business continuation needs 
  • Business owners who want to recruit, retain, and reward key employees 
  • Businesses that may lose key employees if supplemental executive benefits are not offered 
  • Business owners with the desire to increase productivity and profits
  • Individuals concerned with retirement accumulation/distribution, estate planning, charitable giving, etc.


  • Deferred Compensation Plan – deferral of current salary or bonuses on a pre-tax basis 
  • Bonus Deferral Match – deferral of bonuses with an employer match 
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) – employer agrees to pay select key employees a specified income for a specified time with no employee deferral 
  • Split-Dollar – death benefit Option C gives business recovery of premiums paid, allowing for the employee’s beneficiary to receive the full policy face amount if desired 
  • Section 162 Bonus – bonus made to select executives to buy life insurance 
  • Key Person Indemnity – life insurance owned by and payable to the business to indemnify it upon the death of a key person 
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding – life insurance used to fund a buy-sell agreement 
Succession Planning